About the Author

K. T. Koshy and his wife, Mary, have been actively serving the Lord for over 30 years, both in the UK and abroad. Koshy has been used extensively by the Lord in teaching God’s Word, and both of them have ministered to numerous people, both practically and spiritually, with a concern to see people enjoy the love, freedom and life that Jesus has purchased for them. His book, Embracing Life to the Full, is a natural outflow.

They currently live in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, where they are part of Community Church Killingworth. Previously they founded Newcastle Christian Fellowship, to work among the Indian community in the area. Some time earlier they were co-leaders of a church plant in the South of England. In between, they spent a period of time in India where Koshy mentored church leaders, preached the Word and facilitated various church buildings projects – and together they ministered to those in distress and cared for the poor.

Koshy previously worked as Senior Lecturer at the London University of Greenwich, taught numerous NHS nursing students over a period of 25 years and has authored books and articles in his professional capacity.

Koshy and Mary have been married for over 50 years. Born in Kerala, India, they have lived the majority of their years in England. They have also lived in Dubai and Germany. The focus of their lives and spiritual journey together has been to learn to follow the Lord more closely, and to love God and love people. Recognised by many, including church leaders, as parental figures, Koshy and Mary are often affectionately called Papa and Mama Koshy or Uncle and Aunty.

Koshy and Mary have two children, Helen and Paul. Paul and his wife Fungying live nearby with their two children, Daniella and Tim. Helen is married to Robert, and together they serve the Lord in Germany. Robert is from Germany and Fungying is from Hong Kong. This truly international family in some small way illustrates how, for Koshy and Mary, our bond in Christ and the culture of the kingdom governs the way they see, love and receive people irrespective of their background. Freely they have received from their Lord Jesus and, in response to such a great love, they seek to freely give to others.

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